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Tandigm Health is championing the evolution of health care by empowering doctors, so patients can live healthier.

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Returning primary care physicians to the center of health care

The traditions of medicine are built on a foundation where nothing gets in the way of a doctor's ability to deliver the greatest quality of care to their patient. That is what makes medicine, and the doctor-patient relationship, so personal. We understand that primary care physicians – by name, training and tradition – are supposed to be at the center of health care delivery.

At the same time, as populations evolve and demands on medicine intensify, the role of innovation is pivotal. And the capacity to most efficiently manage data and communications needs can distinguish "best" care from "status quo" care. We understand that innovative technologies and processes can help us develop better standards of health care.

Tradition and innovation aren't exclusive to each other. The best parts of something old can be combined with the best parts of something new to create something exceptional. When tradition meets innovation, anything can change. At Tandigm Health, we always look back to what remains best. Then, we look ahead to what can be best for patients. That's our approach. Like no other. Every single day... tradition meets innovation.

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It's Time to be Better

In an increasingly complex and challenging health care landscape, primary care physicians have endured a diminishing role. But we recognize that there is no constituent in health care delivery better suited to improve the status quo of excess waste, rising costs, and average quality.

In fact, the challenge is so big that we formed a new company, with a new model and a new focus on primary care physicians.

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An Alliance in Care

Supporting primary care by supporting the physicians who deliver it

At Tandigm Health, our goal is to make health care work better. That's a big challenge – one we can't meet alone. So we've built a model anchored by key partnerships with primary care physicians, where traditional, personal care and innovative resources can work together.

We work with physicians to reset expectations – patients' and their own. Because patients shouldn't be expected to coordinate their own care between doctors, specialists and insurance companies. Because physicians shouldn't be expected to tailor delivery of care due to pressures outside of their control. We're working to do it the right way, the best way.

And we're doing it together.

How It Works

Leading the Way

Follow along as we work to build a better community-based health care system

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